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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Story - Part 6 ... Chemo and the "C" word ...

My testimony is so long I have broken it up into parts! You can read:
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Because I had had so many complications after my surgeries I was sent to another specialist in Boston. He thought I should try a new Chemo treatment that was used to treat Crohn's. I technically am diagnosed with undetermined Crohn's/Colitis because all my tests show inconclusive results. So I agreed to try the chemo and see if it would help. I became so deathly ill and most of my hair fell out. I couldn't imagine why anybody on earth would agree to do this. After the first round of treatments my body had not responded the way they had hoped, so we all agreed to stop them.

Dustin, Sarah and Mazie!

Shortly after J.T. left I went to see an infertility specialist. (I have NEVER claimed that I have infertility! To be infertile is to be unable to become pregnant. And I believe that I will be able to become pregnant. I always tell my nieces and nephews, some babies just take longer to grow.) I knew I wasn't really healthy at the time, but wanted to start the process and see what they could do. Ever since I was a teenager I had a problem with ovarian cysts on my right side. When I was very sick, thankfully, most of this calmed down. But the healthier I got, the worse these became. The infertility doctor determined that I had a blockage in my left tube and a dysfunctional right ovary. Neither side was working properly. Also TONS of scar tissue was blocking the eggs from even getting to the tubes. The cysts on my right ovary had developed into strange looking black masses. They told me black always means cancer. The "mass" (I NEVER claimed it was cancer!) was totally surrounding the ovary and it would have to be removed, as well as the left tube. A left ovary and a right tube doesn't make a great recipe for conception. I was not pleased. The "mass" was extremely painful and was pinching the nerves in my right arm. I needed another miracle!

I went home and quoted every scripture I remembered about faith and believing for the impossible!(I will make a post with them all!) I fasted and prayed asking God to show me His plan in my life.

At the same time my pastor's wife and another woman in church were diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The three of us went in front of church and were prayed for and anointed with oil.

Jas 5:14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:
Jas 5:15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.
Instantly ALL the pain left my body! This is the first time I had ever felt a healing. It was amazing! The other two women reported the same thing! All three of us had been healed of cancer!

I called my doctor and told her nothing would be there, that I was healed! She still wanted to do the surgery and make sure, she didn't really believe me. I decided to go ahead and have the surgery, that way she would KNOW what God had done for me. I had the surgery and she was amazed! NO MASS! Not even a hint that one had ever been there! THANK YOU JESUS!! They did remove my left tube because it was slightly open and if I got pregnant on that side it would 100% be a tubal pregnancy, and they knew emotionally I could not handle that. My doctor tried to say after the surgery that they had mistaken shadows for a tumor, but the ultrasound tech would not budge. She knew what she saw and it wasn't a shadow!! I wish I had the pictures to post for you!

Two years later I was having pain again in my shoulder. I went to my OB/GYN and he did an ultrasound. It showed another mass over 10cm. In cyst world this is HUGE! It was very dangerous and would need to be removed. And of course they always like to throw in the "C" word whenever they can. I knew God had already healed me and there was no reason for me to have surgery. I went to church to get prayed for again and I knew God would do it. I told my doctor I was healed and he wouldn't need to do surgery. He was not convinced. So I told him to take another ultrasound and he would see. The new ultrasound showed that the mass was growing even bigger. But I did not falter. Every day for a month I cried and prayed, Lord I know you healed me and I don't want to have another surgery. Whenever I felt pain in my body, I would not acknowledge the pain, but I would say, "Thank you Jesus I am healed". Some days the pain was so bad but still all day long I would only say "Thank you Jesus I am healed" over and over and over. The day of surgery was approaching and I was getting upset. There was no need to have surgery if nothing was there! So I prayed and asked God to give me peace. And I heard a voice answer back, "I'm going to use you to show other people a miracle" Thank You! Now I felt that the surgery had a purpose, it was not for nothing! The day of my surgery I told my doctor there would be nothing there. I was still in pain, but was believing God for a complete healing. He had tears in his eyes and told me he had not slept all weekend because he was trying to figure out how to save my ovary. I only had a right tube, so the right ovary is essential! I just smiled back at him. Time would tell. I wish I could have seen his face after surgery! He came out to the waiting area and just shrugged. There was nothing there! HAHAHA Oh God is so good. Although the doctor never did admit to me it was a miracle I knew God was talking to him.

Just recently I had another ultrasound and they found another "mass". I went back to the same doctor and he just said, I am not worried. I know with you there's really nothing there!!! Even my doctor is now speaking faith! Hahahaha I love it!!

I am so thankful that my pastor taught me not to have confidence in a doctor's report, but to have confidence in God! What a GREAT and MIGHTY God I serve!! It does not matter what situations come your way, or what death sentence a doctor tries to put on you! God's word says to speak life!

Pro 18:21a Death and life are in the power of the tongue:


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Helena R. said...

You are the inspiration.

jakell said...

so neat.

I too have seen many miracles in my life with family and friends and been blessed for sure when doctors have said it was not possible or have given up.

thanks again for sharing your amazing story.

Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

What scripture references are you quoting? I am not familiar with them

Thanks for sharing your story!

Sarah W. said...

I am working on a post for tomorrow with the faith scriptures! Thank you all for your support and reading my story! <3

Anonymous said...

wow god is awesome great story of triumph with power and faith in god i am so blessed to have read it

Tara said...

Hey Sarah,
Did I tell you that I also have cysts on my ovaries... which also made it difficult for me to get pregnant?

Oh yeah and I also have a blockage in one of my tubes that made it unusable and the ovary on the opposite side was the one that worked. Pretty sure it was my left tube that was working and my right ovary!!!

Oh, and the product of all of that ... a lot of prayer... and a whole lot of Metformin (a drug typically used for people diagnosed with PCOS) and Clomid (an infertility drug)..... along came Bridget!!

Praying for you!
Love you,

Tanya Monique said...

You are incredibly inspiring!! Positive thoughts and prayers will always be on my lips for you dear Sarah! XOXO

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