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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cut In Half - Book Review

"If miracles were given to those who deserve them, they would simply not exist" ~ Ana Le Roux

I love reading stories about faith! I am always amazed and encouraged at how powerful our God really is.

I recently had the opportunity to read "Cut in Half" by Ana Le Roux who "wanted to tell the world that miracle's happen everyday to everyone", and her story did not disappoint!

After only a few weeks of her second child's birth, Ana and her family were in a terrible head on collision. Her husband and both her 3 year old daughter and 1 month old son walked away without a scratch, but that was not the case for Ana. She was in the back seat wearing a lap seat belt and the impact of the accident literally "cut her in half".

Ana shares the dramatic events that happened as she discovered not only a God that heals, but a God that performs miracles! "23 miracles" in fact is how Ana titles her book. The miracle's range from an experienced nurse driving in the car behind her who was able to give her immediate assistance, to the miracle of God's perfect timing of her writing the book where "God's gift to me was closure." God even changed her perspective of the accident from horror to now being one of her greatest memories.

My Thoughts:
I instantly fell in love with Ana as I was reading her story. I felt her pain, I felt her grief, I felt her joy! Her story captivated me from the moment I picked it up. Ana does not claim to be the perfect Christian or to have had perfect faith through her trials. In fact some of her chapters must have been very hard to write about, where she talks about depression and suicidal thoughts. But that is part of what is intriguing about her. She was just an ordinary wife and mom who had an ordinary faith in Christ, until God used an unexpected event to change her faith from sceptical to unwavering! I think we can all relate to her story.

She learned that: "merely asking is not enough. You need to believe that what you have asked for will happen ... You need to be spiritually convinced that something will happen, even if it seems unlikely in the spiritual realm."

"I have sorely underestimated (the power of prayer) most of my life"

"A conscious decision has to be made every morning that you will get through the day no matter what"

If you are looking for inspiration that God can do miracle's in impossible situations then "Cut In Half" is the book for you! It would also make a wonderful gift to someone recovering from an accident or illness. There are so many wonderful lesson's that Ana shares as God began to increase her faith that your faith will increase also as you read her book!

You can purchase a copy of "Cut In Half" at

*I received a copy of this book to review from Bring It On Communications, but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Review - The Son In My Eyes

Book: The Son In My Eyes , Seeing the Light of Jesus in Vietnam

Authors: Mai Spencer
               Dixie Phillips

The Son In My Eyes is an intriguing story of Mai, a young Buddhist girl who survived the Vietnam war. Mai shares the hardships and abuse she endured while helping to support her family at the young age of 8. She not only felt terrorized by the American government while dodging bombs in the jungle. But also by Vietnam's own militia, the Viet Cong, who were responsible for the deaths of two of her uncles. Mai had her own near death experience when she was directly exposed to Agent Orange.

Mai's life changed when she married a young American solider named Dennis and moved to the United States. But sadly tragedy still followed her. It wasn't until one of her daughters was diagnosed with Cancer that Mai fell on her knees and prayed to Jesus for the first time. Almost immediately her life was transformed into something beautiful. It wasn't that the trials had left, but Mai began to see that placing her trust in Jesus could bring the peace that she had been longing for. Even though she didn't know the Lord as a young girl, Mai could see that Jesus had been with her for her entire life.

Shortly after Mai's conversion as a Christian, her husband Dennis committed his life to Christ. Mai never forgot her hometown of Binh Chau, and felt a deeper burden for her countrymen that they would also have the opportunity to know this wonderful Savior. Through a lot of hard work and prayers, and once again coming against obstacles from the government of Vietnam, Mai succeeded and built her church!

Mai's story is one of hope, love and forgiveness. When she knew she couldn't go on, she found a Savior with whom she could cast her burdens on. Mai's story is heartfelt and inspiring as she shares her testimony of how God teaches her to forgive her past and let go of bitterness. Her desire to reach others is very compelling. I was also impressed with her humility. She takes no credit for the things she has been able to accomplish through Jesus Christ, but she points to the one who gave her the ability. Although Mai doesn't give herself the credit, she is a Missionary for our Lord.

This book is really fast paced. Every page felt like a new adventure and I couldn't stop reading once I started. It seems surreal that one person could go through so much. But it is also exciting to know that no matter what walk of life we come from, Jesus is waiting for us all! I know you will be inspired by Mai's story, and will be encouraged to take that leap of faith for yourself. I highly recommend you read "The Son In My Eyes"!

You can get your own copy of Mai's book The Son In My Eyes at Deep River Books for $14.99.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What do your priorities look like?

I know many of you are wondering when I will be re-opening my Etsy shop Sarahsewta. Well don't worry, I am anxious to get the shop going again and hope to do so within the month. In the meantime the Lord has put on my heart to start a new project. Well not necessarily a new project, just an upgrade to an old project. I know many of my friends are going to be saying, "Sarah really? Another project? Don't you have a hard enough time keeping up with what you are already doing?" LOL Yes I thought the same thing, that is why my shop is currently closed. But a few months ago I stopped and re-evaluated some things and here is what I found:

1. I love to sew, but I don't want it to be the only thing I do.
2. I need to give more time to family and friends, and less time to the computer.
3. My shop is really hurting all my other ministries. Infact I have no time for anything else when I run the shop full time. (Thank you all to my wonderful fans who bless me with so much work!)
4. I am exhausted all the time and only want to sleep when I am not sewing.
5. Facebook and emails can be very stressfull and overwhelming and I needed a break.
6. I am not business minded enough to run this shop properly, I always give my profit's away! LOL
7. I want my sewing business to stay a hobby, and not be a burden or "work". If this cannot be achieved I don't want to do it.
8. I have such an incredible testimony that I have an obligation to share it with others, this needs to be a priority.
9. I want to be obedient to God and open to his leading, and when I get too busy I am too tired to listen.
10. If I invest as much time and energy proclaiming the gospel as I have with this shop, imagine where I would be right now.

I'm sure the list goes on and on but you get the idea. My priorities were way out of line. I allowed a hobby to overtake my life and become a burden. I became too tired to listen to God or to be of any worth to my friends. So I need to find a balance. One where I can still enjoy sewing, have time to minister, and most important have time to listen to God and his leading in my life. Many people would be scared to lose part of their income just because it interfered with their priorities. But let me assure you, being in God's will is not an option in my life. It is a MUST! And I don't care what the cost to get there. The minute I know something is hindering me from being what God want's me to be, I STOP! My first and foremost priority is to follow the leading of God. And I can't be afraid to change directions as my relationship with him evolves. The new path may seem unfamiliar and scarry, but if God is taking me there I know he will be with me and I have nothing to fear.

So my question for you today is, what do your priorities look like? Are you on the right path for your life, or have you become sidetracked? Sit down and evaluate where you are in life and if you are on the right road. If you are that's great! Keep going! If not STOP and make those changes. Life is way to short to look back with regrets!

Oh and you may be wondering what my new project is .... well I will be letting you know soon! :)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The situation was hopeless ... BUT GOD!

Several years ago I was very sick and on my death bed. (You can read my story HERE) Everything looked IMPOSSIBLE! I was in SO MUCH PAIN that my body constantly shook. No matter how much medication I was given, even while I was passed out, I shook with pain! I was so sick I didn't care who was around me or what they were doing. I didn't watch tv. I didn't read books. I just laid there in agony praying for mercy, praying to die! The doctor's said it was hopeless, there was nothing they could do, my body was failing! They gave me ALL the morphine I wanted, trying to make me as comfortable as possible until my transition to the next life. We called in our Pastor at the time. He said the death angel was there and left weeping, never saying a prayer of faith. The diagnosis was given. I was going to die. Doctor's had spoken it. Pastor's had spoken it. We had accepted it. I had prayed for it.

BUT GOD! hahaha I love it when God says BUT! The situation was hopeless but God said "I will have the final say!" HALLELUJIAH THANK YOU JESUS! God came on the scene and changed those circumstances. He loves impossible situations to show his power to his people! I did not die! The "death angel" did not come and carry me away! My diagnosis was still there, but God changed the outcome!

Are you facing a situation that seems impossible? You've done everything you can to change things, but it still feels hopeless? Well I encourage you today to stop looking at the circumstances and trust in God. I know it feels scary to hope. You put all your feelings and emotions out there and are vulnerable. The "what if's" threaten to consume you. What if God doesn't do it? What if I don't have enough faith? What if it is still God's will for the answer to be no? What if I'm not strong enough? The list goes on and on. But you will `never truely know how BIG God can be in your life if you don't put him to the test. If you always accept circumstances as they are HE is not given the opportunity to show you how much he loves you. I will not lie to you, sometimes his answer is still no. But when you put your trust and faith completely in him, he gives you peace to accept what his will is. And I promise you that you will not be disappointed in HIM! Give faith a try! Put God to the test! And see what he will do in your life! Don't be afraid of the outcome, but TRUST IN HIM!

Psalms 18:30 "As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is tried: he is a buckler to all them that trust in him"

Psalms 34:22 "The Lord redeemeth the soul of his servants; and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate"

Psalms 37:5  "Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass"

12 years after my death sentance I still trust in my Lord!


Monday, May 2, 2011

The Power of Praise!

This past Sunday my friend, who also has been standing by faith for her miracle baby for the past 9 years, announced that she is 9 weeks pregnant! What a GREAT and MIGHTY God we serve! She was infront of the church testifying and without even thinking I jumped up from my seat and ran up to her screaming and jumping and gave her a big hug. Then I fell on the floor crying and praising God for this miracle he has performed. He has answered my prayers, and my friend has conquered her trial and come out victorious through faith in Jesus Christ. Immediately came to my memory the post I wrote called "The Winter Blues". Another friend told us not to wish away any time, because this could be our time for conceiving, and for my friend that is exactly what happened! Oh what rejoicing when God fulfills his promises! It definately increases our faith for the promises we are still waiting for.

Not immediately, but within the hour I started being overwhelmed with a mental battle. "why did I have to find out the same week another friend will be giving birth?" "Why did I have to find out the week of my birthday?" I am over the moon excited for her, but "why not me too?" "Have I not stood strong enough?" "Have I waivered and didn't know it?" "Is there doubt and unbelief in my heart?" I could barely eat supper for being consumed with these thoughts. The devil was already trying to rob my victory.

I had the perfect solution! Since God is doing miracles right now I'd better go and try to get mine quickly, so I told my husband "let's go make our baby!" How carnal I was in thinking that I could work this out in the flesh! We started kissing and I lost it! Not like a few sniffles, I mean LOST IT! You would  have thought someone had just died. And indeed I was grieving, for my empty womb. My husband was so sweet and just held me and rocked me. I was shaking so badly I thought I was going to be sick and I couldn't catch my breath at all. A deep agonizing mourning for myself and the loss I felt. How could I be so happy for my friend and so sad for myself at the same time?

I haven't slept well for the past few weeks and knew that if I let myself stay worked up like this that I would have a terrible, sleepless night filled with worry, frustration, pain, sin. I didn't want to doubt God! I know he promised me and it WILL happen! I don't know why it is taking so long, but I can't worry about that right now. I had to get control of myself before I spiral down into depression and the devil really get's ahold of me. I kept telling myself to get a grip and God has not failed me. I quoted scripture and claimed victory in every area of my life. But still this overwhelming sadness was gripping me and I couldn't shake it. I also knew that I've stood too long and hard to let the devil rob me now and I'm not going to let him defeat me. So I began to Praise Him! I couldn't even think about anything specific or I would break out into tears again. I just began to worship!

"Thank you Jesus for healing me! Thank you Jesus for your peace! Thank you Jesus for your joy! Thank you Lord for all the miracles you've already done for me! (read my testimony) Thank you Lord that I have never lost confidence in you! Thank you Jesus for your goodness to me! I praise your holy name Jesus, for you are great and greatly to be praised! You took those stripes on your back for MY healing, and conquered death, hell and the grave for MY victory! Every battle has already been fought and won! Thank you Jesus for all your blessings on me!" It's amazing what the POWER of praise can do! I began to feel a peace come over me. A peace that surpasses all understanding. A peace that I can leave my burdens with the Lord and he will be faithful to me if I stay faithful to him!

This entire incident was only about a half hour long before I fell into a deep and peaceful sleep. The best sleep I have had in weeks. And I slept the whole night! AMEN for that!

Today I can still feel the enemy trying to fight my mind and rob MY victory, but I will NOT give it to him! I have been listening to T.D. Jakes on YouTube. Reading my bible. Praying. Praising! KNOWING that my miracle IS on the way and NO DEVIL IN HELL can rob me! All day I have praised God for my friends baby and knowing what a miracle it is, my faith is increased. And I think that may be the real battle. The enemy doesn't want my faith increased. But too late! hahaha GOD HAS ALREADY WON!!

My confidence is not in the things of this world. Doctor's may say my womb has failed and I need a hysterectomy, but God says I AM HEALED! Doctor's may say I have surgical damage and too much scar tissue, but my God says I AM HEALED! Doctor's may say I have tumors all through my womb and it's impossible, but my God says I AM HEALED! Man may say that it can't be done, but my God says IT CAN BE DONE! Man may say it's been 14 years, why don't you just adopt, but my God says OUT OF YOUR WOMB YOU SHALL BRING FORTH A SON! Man may say God doesn't move like that anymore, but God says I WANT TO DO IT IF YOU WILL ONLY BELIEVE!

I thank you Jesus today and always for the victory!

1Pe 5:6-10 Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time. Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world. But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.


This song really blesses me and I wanted to share it with you. My first YouTube video! :)

"I Still Believe" ~ Jina McCool

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

T. D. Jakes - LOL

I posted these on the Child By Faith FB wall but thought it might be easier all together and in order! This is an AWESOME message about Faith, believing for the impossible, and Laughing Out Loud when God does something so outrageous in your life! I LOVE this message so much and know that it will encourage you and build your faith! There are 7 parts total that you can find on YouTube, but here are the 3 with the main message! His mouth doesn't follow the words so I just let it play while I did stuff around the house! Enjoy and LOL!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gift Baskets for The Hubbel's

Welcome to my next project! For weeks I have had the idea to help out The Hubbel's aka Coupon Mommy of 3 on FB. Their 3 year old daughter Emily has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and is currently in VERY intense treatment! You can read Emily's story HERE I can't even imagine what this family is going through but I have an idea that I think may bring some sunshine to their lives.

I am starting a project called Gift Baskets for The Hubbel's. With your help I would like to send the Hubbels the BEST Easter Baskets EVER! There are 3 daughters and Mom and Dad! I know with your help we can make this project come to life!

Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated! If you would like to contribute to the gift baskets please email me at with Gift Basket's for The Hubbel's in the topic box. I have also set up a chipin widget on the right where you can donate money if you feel to. Even if you can only give a dollar, every bit helps!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am a dreamer!

I've had this thought bouncing around in my head for months. "I am a dreamer and Dustin is concrete." So what? Who cares? Big deal? I'm a dreamer remember, I don't need absolutes, just possibilities! But still this thought is nagging at me to write about, why? I have no idea but I feel compelled to write this. I'm not sure how this post will end up, but here goes ...

I love this picture, I think the girl looks like me! :)

I am a dreamer! I suppose that is what makes me a good crafter. I see a vision and I make it come to life. I see the world in a rainbow of colors. Not always what it is, but what it has a possibility to become. I'm an optimist, always looking on the bright side. There's always something positive about every situation. Sometimes you just have to look for it. Sometimes you may never know what it is. But it's there! I always look on the bright side. Even when I know people are wrong I still give them the benefit of the doubt and like to believe they had good intentions and meant well. This is both a gift and a flaw, but there it is.

I also am a dreamer in the spiritual world. God speaks to me in dreams. Not every night. Not every month. But often I am awakened with a dream or vision from the Lord. I see things that are going to happen. I see and feel things that people are going through. Many times I have dreampt of giving birth and holding my child in my arms! AH those dreams are so wonderful I never want to wake up. These dreams can be very cool, but they can also be exhausting! I don't always see good things. I don't always see happy things! Some of the time these are heavy burdens that God has laid upon me to pray about. To intercede for someone. To stand in the gap. These are private things that I cannot share with anyone and most of the time I never tell a person I have had a vision about them, I just wait and pray. Sometimes I see it come to pass right away, sometimes it's years. And thankfully sometimes it never comes to pass because God has conquered and changed the circumstances!

Please do not think in any way that I am saying I am "super spiritual" or a prophet or anything like that! Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm just saying this is one way that God speaks with me.
 Dustin on the other hand is concrete! A realist! He sees the world in black and white. Right or wrong. And yes I believe in right or wrong, but he is so absolute about it. From a young child he has had a wisdom that far precedes his age. Many older people have been jealous of his gift. I've never told him this, but I compare him to King Solomon in the bible (minus all the wives lol). He can process all aspects of a situation in record time and give a rational answer that you just can't argue with. He does not look at life through emotion, but by truth. Sometimes he's so unemotional about a situation I could scream! But his wisdom is always sound.

I asked him once how he encourages himself about God healing me and giving us a baby and he said "I don't think about it. God said it and it will happen" WHAT?!?! You don't think about it EVER!?!?! I think about it every hour, every minute of every day. SERIOUSLY NEVER?!?! "Nope, there's no need. It will happen when God is ready!" Oh I am SO envious of this! To be able to lay it all at God's feet and NEVER again worry, doubt, question... I am striving for this, but am far from there!

I often wonder why such a wise man would want someone so abstract and flighty as me. It's NOT RATIONAL!! We are opposites in nearly every area of our lives. Every area except one, that we love God with EVERY ounce of our being and yes we BOTH put God before each other! He helps me see the world through reality and truth, and I help him see the world as possibilities waiting to happen. I know all the time he is frustrated with me, and to be honest I am frustrated with myself alot of the time. I compare myself to him way to much, and see all the area's where I have failed miserably. I cannot always give the person the answer they are looking for. I don't have wisdom to make all the right choices. I hardly can quote any scriptures and half the time I can't even remember the scriptures he preached on. Only that I was moved and God changed me because of it. Try as I may I cannot be like Dustin.

So I am learning to let God use me in His own way, and it doesn't have to look like what it does with the next person. I don't have to be the preacher for God to speak through me.  God is so much bigger and stronger then we can ever imagine. So why do we think Christians should look and act like we were cut out of cookie cutters. Dustin is definately used by God, but I also am someone God can use. So I'm trying to stop comparing myself and allowing God to use me how HE wants and it's VERY freeing and liberating! I don't have to live up to man's expectations of what I should be, but I can live up to God's! How beautiful!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Prayer buddies!

This has been an awful week. Infact it is by far the worst week I've had all winter! First off I've been very sick with a bad cough. Thankfully the fever only lasted a few days, but this cough just doesn't want to go away. Secondly I am having the worst period I've had in over a year. Are the two related, who really knows. On a good month I might be a little bummed because of course this is the last thing I want to happen. But where I started out a little down, I seemed to slip down that slippery slope very quickly. My husband will tell you I have been unbearably cranky and moody!! In constant pain and very irritable. I can't seem to focus on anything for more then 5 minutes and I ask the same questions over and over without processing any answer or response. Remember my last post The Winter Blues! Yea I know ... Oh and I almost forgot, someone who thought they were giving me a "word from God" said to me that I don't have my baby yet because I'm not trusting God. Thank you for that! Why do people say mean rude things and try to pass it off as God's word? I HATE THAT!!! If you really thought I was doubting then you would have gotten further by saying "keep trusting in God! He cannot fail!" But no people tell you what they think you are doing wrong, not encourage you to do right. YES there is a difference!!!

Group Hug II (Limited Edition)
  So anyway I thought this would be the perfect time to write a post. Everything's not going great! I don't "feel" great! I don't even feel good! But I know God is Good! And that's all that really matters. Usually I am the encourager. I try to stay positive and upbeat, always ready with an encouraging word. But this week I just couldn't seem to keep myself above water. Yea I prayed, read my bible even fasted. Still after the second day of frustration and tears I decided it was time to bring in the reinforcements! I called my prayer buddies. A group of women who I know will pray for me at the drop of a hat. A non judgemental zone where I can go and be honest and real without fear of being laughed at, mocked or rebuked for "not being spiritual enough." Within minutes I started to feel the pressure break and peace come in. Several calls, emails and prayers throughout the day made me feel stronger then I have in weeks. Although I do not "feel" great in body, I know all is well with my soul! I thank God for these GREAT Godly women he has put in my life that know how to nurture and love their own, and not kill and destroy like I have sadly seen in so many churches.

One friend even told me that God showed her the spiritual attack my husband and I have been under and she really began to weep and pray for us. Our baby IS on the way! God HAS NOT failed me! I AM NOT doubting!! And yes I have forgiven those that have wronged me. Sometimes people don't realize how bad their words hurt!

So I leave you with these thoughts! Things don't have to go great for God to be great! I don't have to fight my battles alone! Choose wisely what words you use! Love unconditionally without judging, after all you want mercy for yourself! Give someone a hug just because! Praise God through the storm for the sun will shine in the morning! Keep enduring, for you may not see your answer now but that doesn't mean it's not on the way! Believe that all things are possible!

Love you all! And a special thank you to my prayer buddies!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Winter Blues

I know it's been a long time since I've written. And I really feel like I need to get back on track! So here's my thought for today ...
I remember as a child my mom always seemed to get the winter blues from January - March. I would roll my eyes and think to myself "it's that time of year, here we go again" Of course I would never speak such a thing out loud, but the thoughts were there!

The last few years I have begun to understand what it was. Here in Maine the winters can be nasty. Lots of cold snowy days. Icy roads. Praying that the pipes won't freeze and bust. That you'll have enough oil to make it through the winter. That your car will stay on the road and not slip all over the place, always cautious for the driver who has 4 wheel drive and thinks they are invincible. The list goes on and on but the worst for me is the sunshine! I MISS THE SUNSHINE!!! Even on a sunny day it's usually pretty hazy and overcast. And I begin to understand what Mom was going through. The winter blues!

And of course that will lead to my favorite time of year being spring. I love being able to go outside with only a sweater on. I love seeing the tiny crocuses bud through the snowy grass, bringing hope that a new season has come. There's just something about spring that makes me feel alive and joyful. But until then I must endure the winter. Many days I find myself wishing it away and praying for spring to come early.

Recently a friend of my, also TTC, and I were complaining about the winter and joking that we would like to skip Feb all together. Well another lady in the church, kinda like a mother figure to us, gently reprimanded us and said "Come on you two cowards. Whats up with Feb. Don't we all serve the same God and don't you know that whatever is in Feb He planned for you to either teach you or bless you and if you miss it you'll miss His perfect plan. What if Feb was the month of conceivement for either of you MaMa's to be; would you miss it. Don't ever let me hear you say you'd give up one precious day that our Jesus would give to you..what is that all about? I'm 63 and value life and am watching a precious lady I've known most of that life heading into her final days and I know she'd give anything for one more kiss from her precious husband and one more day to me a ma'ma to her children...I'm spanking both of you!"

Tears! Tears of repentance! Tears of thankfulness that she wasn't afraid to speak the truth! Tears of thankfulness that Jesus loves me so much that he would send this reminder to me that everyday is precious! Those words ate at me the whole day. I couldn't sleep at all, tossing and turning. Thinking of that "spiritual spanking" I had just received! And like a child throwing a fit it snapped me out of my temper tantrum! (So thanks Sister!) I woke up with the scripture on my mind:

Psa 118:24 This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Thank God for today, and find something to rejoice in!

***UPDATE*** My friend actually did conceive at the end of Feb/ beginning of March. The time she was wishing away was actually the time God had planned to bless her. Hold fast to the promises God has made to you and believe! This could be YOUR TIME for God bless you!