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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Review - The Son In My Eyes

Book: The Son In My Eyes , Seeing the Light of Jesus in Vietnam

Authors: Mai Spencer
               Dixie Phillips

The Son In My Eyes is an intriguing story of Mai, a young Buddhist girl who survived the Vietnam war. Mai shares the hardships and abuse she endured while helping to support her family at the young age of 8. She not only felt terrorized by the American government while dodging bombs in the jungle. But also by Vietnam's own militia, the Viet Cong, who were responsible for the deaths of two of her uncles. Mai had her own near death experience when she was directly exposed to Agent Orange.

Mai's life changed when she married a young American solider named Dennis and moved to the United States. But sadly tragedy still followed her. It wasn't until one of her daughters was diagnosed with Cancer that Mai fell on her knees and prayed to Jesus for the first time. Almost immediately her life was transformed into something beautiful. It wasn't that the trials had left, but Mai began to see that placing her trust in Jesus could bring the peace that she had been longing for. Even though she didn't know the Lord as a young girl, Mai could see that Jesus had been with her for her entire life.

Shortly after Mai's conversion as a Christian, her husband Dennis committed his life to Christ. Mai never forgot her hometown of Binh Chau, and felt a deeper burden for her countrymen that they would also have the opportunity to know this wonderful Savior. Through a lot of hard work and prayers, and once again coming against obstacles from the government of Vietnam, Mai succeeded and built her church!

Mai's story is one of hope, love and forgiveness. When she knew she couldn't go on, she found a Savior with whom she could cast her burdens on. Mai's story is heartfelt and inspiring as she shares her testimony of how God teaches her to forgive her past and let go of bitterness. Her desire to reach others is very compelling. I was also impressed with her humility. She takes no credit for the things she has been able to accomplish through Jesus Christ, but she points to the one who gave her the ability. Although Mai doesn't give herself the credit, she is a Missionary for our Lord.

This book is really fast paced. Every page felt like a new adventure and I couldn't stop reading once I started. It seems surreal that one person could go through so much. But it is also exciting to know that no matter what walk of life we come from, Jesus is waiting for us all! I know you will be inspired by Mai's story, and will be encouraged to take that leap of faith for yourself. I highly recommend you read "The Son In My Eyes"!

You can get your own copy of Mai's book The Son In My Eyes at Deep River Books for $14.99.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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