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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gift Baskets for The Hubbel's

Welcome to my next project! For weeks I have had the idea to help out The Hubbel's aka Coupon Mommy of 3 on FB. Their 3 year old daughter Emily has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and is currently in VERY intense treatment! You can read Emily's story HERE I can't even imagine what this family is going through but I have an idea that I think may bring some sunshine to their lives.

I am starting a project called Gift Baskets for The Hubbel's. With your help I would like to send the Hubbels the BEST Easter Baskets EVER! There are 3 daughters and Mom and Dad! I know with your help we can make this project come to life!

Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated! If you would like to contribute to the gift baskets please email me at with Gift Basket's for The Hubbel's in the topic box. I have also set up a chipin widget on the right where you can donate money if you feel to. Even if you can only give a dollar, every bit helps!



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