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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Winter Blues

I know it's been a long time since I've written. And I really feel like I need to get back on track! So here's my thought for today ...
I remember as a child my mom always seemed to get the winter blues from January - March. I would roll my eyes and think to myself "it's that time of year, here we go again" Of course I would never speak such a thing out loud, but the thoughts were there!

The last few years I have begun to understand what it was. Here in Maine the winters can be nasty. Lots of cold snowy days. Icy roads. Praying that the pipes won't freeze and bust. That you'll have enough oil to make it through the winter. That your car will stay on the road and not slip all over the place, always cautious for the driver who has 4 wheel drive and thinks they are invincible. The list goes on and on but the worst for me is the sunshine! I MISS THE SUNSHINE!!! Even on a sunny day it's usually pretty hazy and overcast. And I begin to understand what Mom was going through. The winter blues!

And of course that will lead to my favorite time of year being spring. I love being able to go outside with only a sweater on. I love seeing the tiny crocuses bud through the snowy grass, bringing hope that a new season has come. There's just something about spring that makes me feel alive and joyful. But until then I must endure the winter. Many days I find myself wishing it away and praying for spring to come early.

Recently a friend of my, also TTC, and I were complaining about the winter and joking that we would like to skip Feb all together. Well another lady in the church, kinda like a mother figure to us, gently reprimanded us and said "Come on you two cowards. Whats up with Feb. Don't we all serve the same God and don't you know that whatever is in Feb He planned for you to either teach you or bless you and if you miss it you'll miss His perfect plan. What if Feb was the month of conceivement for either of you MaMa's to be; would you miss it. Don't ever let me hear you say you'd give up one precious day that our Jesus would give to you..what is that all about? I'm 63 and value life and am watching a precious lady I've known most of that life heading into her final days and I know she'd give anything for one more kiss from her precious husband and one more day to me a ma'ma to her children...I'm spanking both of you!"

Tears! Tears of repentance! Tears of thankfulness that she wasn't afraid to speak the truth! Tears of thankfulness that Jesus loves me so much that he would send this reminder to me that everyday is precious! Those words ate at me the whole day. I couldn't sleep at all, tossing and turning. Thinking of that "spiritual spanking" I had just received! And like a child throwing a fit it snapped me out of my temper tantrum! (So thanks Sister!) I woke up with the scripture on my mind:

Psa 118:24 This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Thank God for today, and find something to rejoice in!

***UPDATE*** My friend actually did conceive at the end of Feb/ beginning of March. The time she was wishing away was actually the time God had planned to bless her. Hold fast to the promises God has made to you and believe! This could be YOUR TIME for God bless you!


Anonymous said...

your finaly getting it

Jennifer said...

I always get the "winter blues". Thanks for this :)

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